L’Academie is the brainchild of Dan Boman, CEPC, award winning Pastry Chef.


Chef Dan in 2017 was named  Pastry Chef of the Year by the American Culinary Federation (ACF). He also won Gold for Best Chocolate Showpiece at the National Team Pastry Championship in Desert Ridge in 2009 and various other awards.


Having been in the food service industry for more than 30 years with over 10 years of Teaching Experience, Chef Dan is passionate about baking and cooking, and it shows in his style of teaching and student engagement.

Chef Dan graduated from The Restaurant School, Philadelphia where he completed the Pastry Chef Training program. He began his career in Atlantic City, New Jersey where he worked for various organizations, and rose from the ranks of Pastry Cook to Executive Pastry Chef.

Some of the hotels and organizations that Chef Boman has worked exclusively for include Tropicana, Trump Hotels, Four Seasons and Hilton.


Until recently, Chef Boman also taught at Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Art Institute in Phoenix, and the Scottsdale Community College as a Chef Instructor.

Come meet Chef Dan check out some of his Creations - and learn from him in person.

Chef Martinez.png

We are excited to have on board Chef Juan M. Martinez CEC CCE ACE AAC Chef Martinez, specializes in Mediterranean and International Cuisine.
He has traveled to 47 countries and his teaching style demonstrates the traditional culinary techniques of the cultures of some the Countries he has visited. Check out some of his Creations.


Chef Martinez has achieved numerous awards in his illustrious career too many to list, here are some of them:

Certifications - Certified Executive Chef, Certified Culinary Educator, Approved Certification Evaluator
Educator of the Year for the ACF Arizona Chapter, 2013
Chairman Event Volunteers, ACF National Convention 2016, Phoenix, AZ
American Academy of Chefs, AAC inductee, 2016
Chef of the Year, ACF Arizona Chapter, 2017
Vice Chancelier Argentier, Chaine des Rotisseurs, Scottsdale Chapter, 2017
President Elect AZ Chapter Chefs Association, 2018-2020.


Chef Martinez has been a highly sought after Chef Instructor at multiple Culinary schools in the Valley, The Art Institute of Phoenix & Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts among them. He is passionate about teaching and encourages positive reinforcement translating into a fun, professional learning environment.


It is an honor to have Chef Ewald Notter as one of our Guest Instructors.
Considered to be a leading expert in modern day confectionery arts, Chef Notter has a long history of accolades and is highly esteemed as a teacher. He has worked and competed in over 15 countries, winning numerous awards, as well as National and World Pastry Team Champion, and Pastry Chef of the Year. He was also the first pastry professional inducted into the Pastry Art and Design Hall of Fame.
Ewald is widely respected as an innovator, having introduced many 'firsts' that have helped mold the craft and advance the industry.
Chef Notter has starred in four videos involving chocolate and sugar decoration for the Culinary Institute of America, and has published several books on his craft that have become classic references.
Ewald continues to teach and coach internationally; all while running the popular DOTE Coffee Bar, in Bellevue, Washington

To see some of Chef Notter's work, click HERE

Dow Headshot.jpg

We are privileged to have Executive Chef Mark Dow as one of our Guest Instructors.

Chef Dow is an accomplished Culinarian who began pursuing his culinary passions at a young age. Chef Dow has a formal Culinary Arts education along with a Degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management and has worn many hats during his extensive 25 year career in the Hospitality Industry. He has been a Corporate Chef, Resort Hotel Executive Sous Chef, Chef De Cuisine of a James Beard award winning restaurant "Janos" in Tucson and restaurant General Manager.

He has also been Recognized by Arizona Food & Lifestyles Magazines as one of the Valley’s “Best new Chefs”.
Chef Dow is eager to share his expertise and knowledge with our students at L'Academie.


Mollee Deason is a welcome addition to the staff here at L'Academie.

She is an accomplished and avid Pie maker as well as an outstanding Baker.

Now in her own words:

"My name is Mollee and I am addicted to pastries, pies mostly. I fell in love with pie baking in high school when my dad and I attempted to make a homemade pie... and failed. Since then, I was determined to master the most tasteful and flakiest work of art.  For me, pie is my outlet; it feeds my soul (literally) and gives me peace of mind. I would love to share my passion with all of you."

To view some of Mollee's beautiful work, click HERE


Hello my name is Austin Lee and I’m a restaurant kid at heart. Growing up in Bronx, New York in a Chinese restaurant gave me an early glimpse of how labor intense the food industry can be and how much time and effort goes into running a family-owned establishment.


I started working in the restaurant industry when I was in high school. I started working for a Sushi Restaurant and I worked my way up and trained as a Sushi chef for a few years. In the quest for further education, I decided to attend the Art Institute of Phoenix and graduated from their Culinary Arts program.


I believe that food brings people together and is another form of language. I enjoy making food for my guests and I’m excited to meet you all and share the skills and knowledge of what I have amassed over the years.


Hello! My name is Cassie Romero and am currently a senior in high school attending Arete Preparatory Academy. At school I am involved in different clubs such as Student Life Team, Hearts for Others volunteer club, and my school’s mentoring program. I love working with middle school aged kids, helping them with their studies and adapting to campus life. In my free time I love to visit the beach and spend time with my friends.  

My passion for baking has been with me for as long as I can remember. Decorating sugar cookies is my favorite way to relax and it brings out my creative side.

I’ve had the opportunity to take many kinds of cookie decorating classes from professional instructors and I have picked up many cool tips and tricks along the way that I’m excited to share. 

I hope to pursue baking professionally in the future and one day have my own business doing the thing I love. 

michelle zimmerman.jpg

Michelle Zimmerman has been in the culinary world for over 20 years. In her high school culinary program, she competed for and won a scholarship through C-CAP to attend culinary school. After graduating from Scottsdale Culinary Institute, she worked in pastry shops and restaurants until she started her family. For the next 18 years she ran a successful business making wedding and event cakes. In 2020, she left the cake world and decided to go back to school to become a chocolate sommelier. She now holds two certificates from the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting. She has been hosting chocolate tastings, teaching others about what makes craft chocolate and why it's worth the extra money to support the craft.


Angelica Urrego is the creator of ArepaBabe, a pop-up business created in September 2020 while visiting her friends in San Diego, CA, but launched in December 2020. This pop-up brings Colombian street foods to the hungry and curious bellies of Phoenix, Arizona.

Angelica is driven by her mission to create a space for a cultural experience, food and fun centered on the traditional flavors of Colombia. In doing so, ArepaBabe is the main ambassador of Colombian sabrosura in the Southwest desert.

Angelica is a native of Bogotá. This concrete jungle nestled in a valley of the Andean mountain range in Colombia inspires her. Angelica’s family raised her to value the spaces, flavors, and culture that represents tradition (specially the street foods). Yes, growing up eating a lot of street foods.

Read more about her here



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