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On Campus....

We are thrilled to begin new adventures at L'Academie Baking & Cooking School.  I appreciate everyone's support, encouragement, and recommendations along the way.  Now that I've gotten passed the first several months, the sky is the limit!  So let's all fasten our seatbelts and take a culinary ride.


Our March program focuses a great deal on St. Patrick's Day and the "luck o' the Irish", starting with some fun cookie decorating going all the way thru Irish soups, and appetizers and all.  Of course, our Date Nights are a bit hit this month as well, and Chef Austin and I are already planning April and May Date Nights as well. 


I'm happy to announce the addition of Ms. Erica Bentson, and Ms. Heather Bohannan to our L'Academie family.  Erica will be heading our new cake decorating series, and Heather will be heading our new tart series.  Check out our <About Us> tab for more information on these two wonderfully gifted pastry professionals.  


Our Book Club for February was a huge success!  It has really picked up some steam since our first Club meeting back in December.  We did the book Under The Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes, and we made an incredible Bolognese sauce with pasta from scratch.  A great evening had by all.  Next Book Club we will discuss the book Fried Green Tomatoes, by none other than Ms. Fannie Flagg.  Looking forward to another great and enlightening evening.  


A special thanks to my best friend, Dr. Debra Van Maldegiam.  It was her intention to come to Arizona (she is from Chicago) and R & R for a few weeks in the gorgeous and warm Arizona sun.  Well, the sun wasn't all that warm, and she wound up leading a number of the pastry classes the last few weeks - a treat indeed!  Thank you to everyone for enjoying her creations - I look forward to her coming back in December to share her "Chicago Cookie Lady" recipes with us.


Again, thanks to all for your help and support.  Onward and upward


Tutti mangiano,


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